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Complaints Procedure

TCA`s Headhunters will always treat the complaint in confidence as fair as possible to avoid any additional problems for the Seafarer concerned. However, to avoid dealing with possible maliciousness, we have to insist that complaints are sent by letter or e-mail. Headhunters will not reveal the source of its information when investigating but will not deal with any anonymous complaints.



STEP 1 – Your Headhunting Specialist

Firstly, try to contact your Headhunter to resolve the problem. E-mail is the preferred communication; therefore please use the usual contact email address. This address is always monitored during office hours.

STEP 2 – Head of Headhunting division

If you don’t feel comfortable discussing the issue directly with your Headhunter or if you are not satisfied with the response, please contact Head of Headhunting division Milica Seguela at

STEP 3 – CEO of The Crew Academy

If you are still not satisfied with the response you are able to escalate your complaint to CEO Andrew Roch at

STEP 5 – Bureau du Travail Maritime

If resolution is not possible even with the support of The Crew Academy`s Head Hunting division then the Seafarer is entitled to forward their complaint to Bureau du Travail who will be able to advise on their own specific complaints procedure.

They can be contacted at:
Grande Arche, Paroi Sud
92055 Paris-La-Défense Cedex
Phone: +33 1 40 81 21 22

At every step, all parties will try to respond to your correspondence within a reasonable time period following receipt.